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List Building – 3 Steps How to Start Your List Building Campaign

You probably know by now that at the heart of almost any Internet marketing campaign is a good list building campaign. Creating a list is actually very easy, if you know how to properly position or layout your own website so you can gather as many lists as possible.

For one thing, and honestly not all Internet marketers out there are aware of it, that it should be very easy for your site’s visitors to sign up to your list. That is why here are a few things you can keep in mind to make your website perfect for a list building campaign.

1. Put an opt in box.

This is very basic. But not only should you put an opt in box on your site, you must carefully choose where to place it. Should you put it right next to the header? Perhaps on the sidebar. Maybe the footer would be a better choice. In usability studies, it shows that people usually pay much attention on the upper fold of the website. What this means it is probably best that you place your opt in box on the upper part of your site so that people will not have to scroll down just to see or even notice it.

2. Give people a good reason to sign up.

Your list building will not be effective if you do not offer value to your visitors. Because it is all very simple. Why should they give you their email addresses if they think you have nothing good to offer them? They would not be willing to go through all the effort of typing their email details on your opt in box just because you told them to. Give them some freebies like an eBook or a report. Just anything that will entice them to sign up.

3. Be consistent on what you tell them.

If you told them you will not be sending out emails on a daily basis, stick to your promise. Never break it because the last thing you want is for your email to be put into the spam section.

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