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List Building – 3 Powerful Ways to Build a List of Interested Prospects

List building is the simple process of generating leads for your online business. Having a list of prospects is handy when you have to communicate information about your latest product or want to send across promotional offers. If you can build a list whenever you want for any product, then you will be the most sought after marketing guru. However, it is sufficient to understand how to build a list for your product. I will share with you some common but extremely powerful ways to build a list of interested prospects.

1. Article marketing: Articles are short informative pieces of content which are used as a bait to attract a potential customer to visit your site. You write articles and publish them in online article databases. Most people browse these databases to find the information they are looking for. When they come across your article, they will read it. If they like what you have written, they will click on the link mentioned in the resource text and visit your site for more information. On your site, you further entice them to sign-up for your list in exchange for a free gift.

2. Blog marketing: A blog is a personal journal which is meant to be shared with everyone. In your blog, you offer information to everyone with the intention of helping them solve their problems or improve their life in some manner. When you supply useful information, you will get many followers. You need to sign up for an RSS feed service which will help you to update people whenever you have a new blog posting. Many marketers adopt the approach of directing the traffic from article databases to their blog. A blog always gives you more control on the content and the updates as compared to the article databases. You can choose to offer a free e-book or a free subscription to your newsletter on your blog to generate opt-ins.

3. Forum marketing: You must become a member of several forums in your field. Many of these forums allow you to post your link in their threads. This way, you can direct people to your site. However, you need to contribute quality information in your discussions in the forum. Develop your position as an expert who is willing to help others succeed in life. You can also use the forums to advertise your latest promotional offers but not too blatantly. One of the best forums to begin your list building can be Yahoo Answers.

Use the above three strategies extensively in your marketing campaign. Develop a strong list and market your products to them endlessly. This is the key to success in online business.

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