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Legitimate Making Money Online – The Magical Formula?

Legitimate ways of making money online abound today. Maybe with all the success stories on the internet you are wondering if there is a magical formula to make money. There is a simple formula that you must apply yourself to but the magic is not in the formula it is in your following through!

Someone once said the difference between the successful and unsuccessful is the successful do daily what the unsuccessful do occasionally. The successful do what needs to be done whether or not they have someone cheering them from the sidelines.

What do you do when the seminar is over and it is just you and your computer?

The simple formula is marketing 101:

1. Get people on your list

2. Send emails regularly

3. Send them relevant valuable offers made available from conversion pieces – sales letters.

The detail – You must have a target market. You can not be all things to all people and be legitimately making money online. To find your target market you must do your research and you can use Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay to find out what the current trends are in your potential market.

You can use software that has been specially created to help you find your target market quicker.

If you do not yet have your own products you can start out by selling other people’s products as an affiliate and or buy private label rights products and make your unique products out of them.

On the other hand, you can create your own product in a day if you are determined and ambitious.

The next big question that normally comes up is “How do I get people on my list?”

The simple answer is offering them something free that they really want. If it is something they really want your conversions will be higher.

If you are offering something free the key is the title. Get the title right and you will have a higher take up. Get the title wrong and you will have very little take up.

The good thing is if you start out with a title and you realise it is not working – just change it. That’s the beauty of internet marketing for online businesses.

The format of the give away product is secondary to what the topic and the secret on offer is.

Send emails that contain value and give them an opportunity to take up relevant offers. Send them relevant offers they can use.

Lastly, you can create your own legitimate making money online method and teach others.

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