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Learning The Basics About Green Building

Green building almost seems like a fad these days. With all of the emphasis on helping the environment, it seems like being as environmentally conscious as you can is the popular thing to do. But when it comes to green building, there are a lot of ways to change your current living or work environment into something more energy efficient. Here are three ways that you can add green building to your life as well as to your home.

Water conservation is the first step in green building. Because the heating and cooling of water is something that takes up a lot of energy, you need to find new ways to perform these tasks. There are a number of ‘green’ solutions for this problem. Some homes install systems that are solar powered in order to heat and cool water in this way. You can also choose to recycle your water through your home in order to limit the use of water each day. This kind of system will take the water from your daily showers, clean it, and then put it back into use in the home for washing dishes, for example. You can also create a system that catches water from the environment to help you get more water.

Green Building

Next in green building is to create energy efficient electricity. Though everyone would like to install solar panels on their home, it’s not always cost effective for home owners. Solar panels are expensive and installing them to provide constant energy to your home is not always the best option when you don’t live in a sunny environment. Talk with local solar energy providers to see if this is an option for you. If not, or if you’re just not ready for solar power, you should look into changing your light bulbs to halogen bulbs and buy energy efficient appliances. These appliances will have energy efficiency stickers on them.

Another great way to add green building to your life is to consider the waste that you create each day. Instead of simply throwing out everything, you will want to create a recycling setup that collects recyclable items. You will also want to find a compost container that will allow your food waste and paper products to be turned into rich fertilizers.

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