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Lead Generation – 7 Simple Tips For Building Your List

Lead generation is the most important aspect of Internet marketing, though many new marketers miss the significance. Online, you’re selling to virtual strangers. There’s no human contact, except for words on a screen, unless… You build an army of people who know, like, and trust you, and who will seriously consider the recommendations you make to them. You do this via list building or what many call “lead generation.”

Here are 10 simple steps that you can take to increase your list building power:

1) Buy a domain

Domains are inexpensive (you should pay no more than about $10 a year), and they give you an identity on the web. Think of short names for your domain, names that people can remember and easily type into the address bar of their browsers.

2) Get hosting

Sign up for a hosting account where you can set up your own website. There are thousands of hosting companies out there. You want to look for one that has large bandwidth transfer built in; room to grow, meaning it allows you to host several domains; and that allows you to set up MySQL databases.

3) Transfer your domain to your hosting account.

You must set your domain name system (DNS) or “name servers” where you bought your domain so that they point to your hosting account. Your web host should give you this information when you open your account with them.

4) Start a blog

The quickest way to have a presence online is by installing a blog. A WordPress blog is preferred, due to its user-friendliness and it’s ability to be customized. You may think that setting up a blog on a hosted site, such as or Blogger is the way to go… it’s not. They won’t allow you to do any type of commercial promotion.

5) Get an autoresponder

Whereas a stand-alone blog is best, a stand-alone autoresponder is not. Find a hosted solution that will warehouse the names and email addresses of the people on your list, and allow you to send follow-up messages to them or message them any time.

6) Put an opt-in box on your blog

Now, you’re ready to begin your lead generation program. Create an opt-in box, where people will enter their names and email addresses, and install it in a widget on your blog.

7) Blog every day

Lead generation is almost guaranteed when you build a large blog readership. If you’re posting quality information every day, or if you’re adding videos and audios that help your niche to learn something new or to engage their imagination, you will get people signing up for your list. The trick to getting a large blog audience is to blog every single day.

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