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John Deere Birthday Party Ideas

It may be something only seen on a farm, but for everyone, including urban children, there is something about a John Deere tractor. For many young boys, and girls, the tractor is the ultimate machine, and it can spawn a love of machinery and vehicles that will last their entire lives.

Because of that, you should not be surprised if your child asks you for a John Deere themed birthday party in the near future. Now, you are going to have to figure out a way to provide it without bringing a tractor into the yard, and luckily using supplies and some imagination, you can create a party they will love.

Tractor Invites

When you send out the invitations, you can tailor them to a more rural form of talking. For example: ‘Ya’ll are invited to a great big shin-ding of a birthday at …”. You can also ask them to wear their best farm clothes, plaid shirts and overalls for the big day as well. This will leave the children wondering what exactly they can expect from the party.

Needle In Haystack

Every farm has a pile of hay sitting somewhere, and you can too. Well, sort of. It is doubtful you want to spend the next year cleaning hay out of every area of your yard and house, but you can get by another way. By using streamers, leaves and more in the back yard, you can hide goodies for the children away in an ‘urban’ haystack. They can search through and find all sorts of John Deere goodies that they are free to take home with them.

Make Farm Tools

No farm is complete without a pitchfork, so let the kids design their own farm tools out of cardboard. It can be pitchforks, shovels, tractors and more. Let them decorate with party supplies and you will have a great deal of fun on your hands in no time.

John Deere has been popular for decades now, and despite only being seen on the farm, even urban children will ask for this type of birthday party at some point in the future.

You should be prepared, and with some party supplies and a bit of an imagination you will be. Turn your house into a farm and have the birthday farm hands come out for some fun in the ‘virtual’ country!

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