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Is Your Blog Stuck in the Smog?

Well here in Malibu, CA, we are North of Los Angeles, a city that is attached to some 470 square miles of concrete and 16.5 million people. Some say we are above it all, well, not sure about that, but these real estate prices seem to think so. Even with the fires, flooding and ever present threat of the Big One (Earthquake) these prices defy gravity. Currently, out of the smog and today the skies are clear, thanks to a little rain activity.

But, I see many bloggers are still stuck in a rut, lost in the fog, some with weak content brushed over by smog. If you want to break free and get a little breathing room then you need to listen up and get your blog to zoom. If you want more traffic and more of the community to care you have to be brazen and take up the dare. It does not matter who you are they are not going to care and no one here worries about what you wear. You can blog in the nude it does not matter much, I blog often in the buff.

Title your blog posts special attention, this way people laugh, click on them, read them and listen. Make the words of your titles rhyme and sing, try it a bit, you'll see what I mean. Think out key words that the Google spider might see, this is advertising you can not pass up and best of all it is free. If your blog is off to a slow start, contact me soon, let's make a plan that is smart. No, I am not the guru of the blog, but I can see clearly now, my internet page has removed the smog.

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