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Is It Still Possible to Make Extra Money on the Internet Working From Home

It is still possible to make an honest living as an affiliate marketer.

Many economists are saying that the world's economy is in the toilet. Here in the US they predict another recession-one that will be even worse than the most recent one. Jobs are falling like dominoes and job prospects are dim. Why is this happening all over again, you ask? Well I can not speak for the rest of the world-but in the good ole USA, we seem to lack leadership in the highest of political offices.

Back in 2009 I was facing near-financial ruin. I had a job but it was cut back to 3-days per week. We were living just pay-check-to-paycheck. Since I am of advanced age (a seasoned citizen), not many employers are looking for old codgers like me. Those that were still wanting wanted someone who would be with them for the next 25 years or more. Of course there is little resemblance of me being around that long.

One of my favorite talk radio hosts is a fellow who pays close attention to the economy and offers tips to individuals like me who just can not afford to get "Ripped Off." He made mention of the fact that many people have found things to do to supplement their income in-all places-the Internet. I decided to visit his website and see what he meant.

On his home page were a couple of ads for work at home "opportunities." I clicked on one and it told how extra income was possible as an Affiliate Marketer.

What is Affiliate Marketing:

Briefly-affiliate marketing is a business model wherein an individual signs on with organizations that sell any kind of product you can imagine. Many big name, big box stores have affiliate marketing programs. The marketer sends customers to the organization and if those individuals make purchases, the affiliate gets a commission. What interested me was that I did not have to put up any upfront money to become affiliated with any company I selected.

So Where Do The Customers Come From …

The Internet is my source of visitors-referred to as traffic. I set up my Internet marketing business without spending anything to get it up and running. Yes, I did have to make a small purchase for the instruction manual because I was no computer wizard and figured I needed all the help I could get. In short order I found products I felt comfortable with.

Now to get "Traffic" I needed a mechanism to get my message in front of a lot of people. I started off with writing and posting articles-just like the one you are reading. There are dozens of article directories like this one post articles for free!

Next … I needed a website so people reading my articles could get more information about my affiliate products. I started off using free websites and blogs offered by Google. I was amazed at how easy they were to put up. I still maintain a few Google websites and I also have around 40 Google blogs. They gather visitors week-in and week-out. And the traffic they get is not limited to traffic from my articles. After these sites are up for a few months they started to get "Organic" traffic from the search engines. For example: someone searches for information on digital photography may find my blog on this subject in the Search Engine Return Pages (SERPS).

Basically this is how affiliate marketing works. Because I was using all free resources, it probably took a bit longer for me to see any income. But little by little, I began to see some really positive results-and checks in my mailbox.

Today I have a website hosting account where I use some 35 blogs as my main attraction to Internet traffic. And rarely does a week go by when I am not busy building a new blog for a new affiliate product.

Some of the Internet gurus say that Internet marketing is free. Well that's a half truth. You do have to put time into it and everyone's time is worth something.

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