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Introducing Gano Excel – the Company Behind Your Success!

When you are the boss for your very own home based business, you need to know what’s going on around you at all times. Gano Excel is a business opportunity company, and to really be the best business owner you can be, you need to know the company you are working for inside and out.

The Gano business is currently a debt free company, in forty two countries around the globe and growing , as well as, over a billion of servings of Ganoderma annually, and over three million consumers worldwide.

Gano Excel doesn’t just own the world’s largest organic ganoderma plantation, but is also involved with the extraction, formulation and packaging in ultra modern laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Gano Excel is dedicated to “bringing health and wealth to every family.” With vertical integration from cultivation to manufacturing, Gano is already beginning to do just that.

Gano Excel isn’t limited to just healthy products for you and your family, but can also give you an opportunity to earn a significant income. Our income-producing, direct marketing system creates a influential, dynamic business opportunity. We can help enable people to utilize their limitless potential; obtain financial freedom and achieve their dreams and goals.

Gano Excel was founded in Malaysia in 1995 with the goal of “100 Nations in 10 Years.” Leow Soon Seng, founder and chairman of Gano Excel, a research scientist in Mycology( the branch of botany that deals with fungi) started tinkering with the idea of medicinal properties of several mushroom(fungi) species. Twelve years and many studies later, Mr. Seng founded Gano in the hopes to promote the health factors of ganoderma lucidum, or red mushroom. Gano Excel was started in a small farm in Malaysia and has grown tot he established enterprise that it is today because of the drive and force of the committed executives and family to the Gano company.

Today’s economy is growing and you can grow with us because coffee is the most highly traded commodity and export in the world next to oil. 1.4 billion cups of coffee are sold everyday making it the world’s second favorite beverage, next to water. The health and Wellness industry is also a booming production in our economy today and is currently valued at 200 billion in annual revenue and is predicted to reach near 100 trillion by 2010, and is growing at a rate of 250 million per day. The Coffee and the Health industry are two busy trade products in our world today, so with healthy coffee through the Gano Excel enterprise is a surefire way to make money in a booming economy.

If you really are serious about owning and prospering in your own home-business, Gano Excel is definitely a reputable and established company to work with. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a “Try-It-You’ll-Like-It” marketing strategy. When it comes to your enterprise and your money, trust a company that has satisfied millions already, and can help you gain the respect and income that can help you become the best entrepreneur and business-owner out there today.

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