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Internet Marketing Secret – Know Your Competition

Okay, you've got your website up and running; you've crammed it with all sorts of interesting content; you've searched your keywords and you know who your target audience is. The next question is: Do you know who your competition is? Understanding your competition, what they do and what they do not do; is a critical Internet marketing secret that can easily help you win or lose the race in attracting attention to your site.

With new websites popping up almost every minute, and many of them aiming to take away some of the traffic you've worked so hard to drive to your site, it is imperative that you take advantage of this Internet marketing secret. Researching your competition is a task that must be constantly ongoing. If you do not know what other websites are doing, there is no way you are going to know how your site stacks up in comparison.

This is not to say that you need to run out and include every tool that you see other sites are using, but it might help you to understand which of your tools are working and which ones could have replaced with something more useful. Web surfers have an extremely short attention span. They want to see content that is constantly updated and reflects the changes that are going on in the world and in their lives. Lose their attention, especially in favor of something that offers more updated info or better benefits and you're one step away from becoming a dead link.

It's quite possible that one of the tools you're utilizing, however popular it might have been at first, has become over time less trendy. Suppose you placed a wealth of informational content on your website when you first began, and that content was well received and instrumental in driving traffic to your site. Lately, however; you've noticed that your traffic has dropped slightly. You're still doing business, but it seems there's been a decrease and you're not sure why. The Internet marketing secret of understanding your competition can help you figure out where your traffic is going. It could be that visitors have read all your content and are looking for something that's more recent and updated. Quite frankly, they may be tired of seeing the same old thing. So, what do you replace it with? A tip of the day? Maybe a free giveaway? Check out what your competition is doing and you'll find out.

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