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Internet Marketing – Promoting Your Promos

It does not matter if your business is online or a traditional brick and mortar offline business – there are many Internet Marketing techniques you can take advantage of. Your objective is to create buzz. You want to get people talking, get people excited about your upcoming promotions. You can not expect to suddenly flip the "sale" sign on and expect droves of people to visit you. You have to get them interested first.

This is where your contact or email list is vital. The email list is the life-blood for Internet Marketers; its your biggest asset. Your success is really going to depend on the size and quality of this list. If you do not have one – you have to start building it. Yes this even necessary for offline businesses. In an upcoming post I am going to discus ways for both online and offline business to start building their contact list.

You want to use your email list to start generating buzz. Send an email, letting them know about your upcoming promotion – but do not give everything away! You want to tell them just enough to peek their curiosity and interest. Let them know to mark their calendars, save the date. Talk about outstanding savings … or launch of a new product, etc … whatever it is you are promoting. Never been done. Unheard of prices … clearing inventory … you get the point. Get people talking. Get people excited. Generate BUZZZ!

Use social media sites as a way to get the word out also. If you use sites like Facebook or Twitter – update your status with teasers to get people paying attention. Again – do not give away too much details; they will be coming soon!

You can use your promotions to expand your email list by using give-aways. Everyone likes to win free things – well put your email list to work for you. Offer everyone on your list the opportunity to win a prize. Whoever brings you the most new customers wins. You want to make the prize compelling, attractive but also something you can afford. Imagine if you were to offer a free laptop or i-Phone to the winner. I think this would really light the fire and have many of your customers clambering to bring you new customers and new leads. Be sure to use a tool like to track leads. Would not the increase in customers and leads be worth the price of the give-away? What a great effective investment.

Do not forget to send out a final email or announcement when the promotion has begun. Today's the day! Then, if you've done your job well, you sit back and watch your product fly off your shelf!

And lastly, a purely ingenious way to generate buzz. The credit for this one goes to Timothy Ferriss, best-selling author of The 4-Hour Work Week. Before he released his book, Tim sent prerelease copies of his book to hundreds of blog owners all over the world. Blog owners discussed and promoted the book, causing a huge frenzy of people wanting to get the book when it was finally released. What a fabulous idea to promote and generate buzz by leveraging someone else's email list.

Promoting your promotions requires some out-of-the-box thinking, some creativity and possibly a little bit of investment. The options are endless.

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