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Internet Marketing Info Checklist (For Info Junkies Only)

Do you find yourself buying a LOT of internet marketing info products?

I do. I'm a "newbie" and I'm determined to make a comfortable income from internet marketing. So, I buy internet marketing info products to teach me. That's when my checking account and I have disagreements. My checking account frequently complaints me of spending too much on the internet marketing info products! Imagine that. I almost always believe the sales page for the product. (Yeah, I know the word is gullible … what can I say?) In order to keep my checking account I created this list.

1. Establish an internet marketing info allowance (for me its monthly but it could be weekly). When the limit is reached STOP!

What if I want something way over my permission? I carry over what I did not spend from the previous month. It kind of becomes my internet marketing info product savings account. If I have enough money with my current an allowance and savings account, I buy the expensive internet marketing info product. If I do not have sufficient money I pass.

I recently found a reference to a list of JV opportunities in a forum. I visited the site. I said, "Whoa, this is not for me." I added it too my bookmarks anyway. Later it occurred to me, I can use this sight to create a "Internet Marketing Info Wish List" and help me budget for the launches.

2. Do I already have it?

I sometimes get multiple emails from different people for the same product. I buy from one, then forget I bought. I buy the same product the second time. (When I find out I feel real intelligent!) Now, I check my computer before I buy. If I do not have anything with the same name I continue.

3. Do I already have something that does the same thing?

I compare what the sales letter says with the internet marketing info products I already own. If it looks like I do not have anything similar then, I ask the next question.

4. How am I going to use this today?

If I do not have an answer. I make myself pass, even though the sales letter promises a million dollars a year, a 15 hour work week and no list required.

5. What does the pre-sell and sales pages focus my attention on?

The answer is usually what the copywriter is assuming I want, and the internet marketing info product provides solutions for.

6. What emotional buttons are being pushed?

Fear, curiosity, scarcity are used a lot. Are there any others I can find in the sales letter?

7. What is it not saying and how come?

The answer to this is usually the weakness or what the copy writings suspect I'll object to. A lot of times this is used to push the curiosity button. A super strong buy trigger. Sometimes what they do not tell you is that this technique takes lots of hours to get set up.

It seems to me, keep in mind I'm still learning, that success in internet marketing is similar to any other business it takes energy. The energy can be in money or time.

8. Last: How much of my life is this product worth to me?

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