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Internet Marketing – How I Resolved My Need

The world is welcoming us to a new era in marketing that of internet marketing. All one needs to know about internet marketing is summed up in his or her ability to hire a reliable provider for the services desired. As my business accelerated I found myself conducting increasingly greater proportions of our corporation's business via the internet. And, along with that I also found myself dizzy with a growing sense of insecurity in my own abilities. I was absolutely in "head swimming" territory. Yes, there are very sophisticated processes one can employ on the internet in terms of marketing and there are definitely a huge number of providers out there. We know that when we do a search. My dilemma was in how to select an entity to provide the technical support I unfortunately needed quickly.

Strategically I developed a list of what I needed from a provider. This can be different for each person given the different ways an individual may have his or her business structured; However, most need to consider some of the basics.

I knew I needed to employ the techniques I learned in the Timothy Ferriss book, "The 4 Hour Work Week", which included increasing my efficiencies rapidly. The most inefficient parts of my business centered almost entirely around the computer. That a given I set out to follow the directions of my mentors and high performing peers and began the journey of excellence.

First – the list. I wrote down all that I felt I needed in the successful candidate for the Internet Marketing Guru I was seeking.

A. Domain Registration – It is easy to register a domain through one of the popular sites. I surprised if it was wise to do so. At what point will it be beneficial to have a dedicated server for me and my team was another question. B. Website Development or Re-development. I wanted someone to be able to look at my site and help me by giving me course correcting direction as to its effectiveness. This needed to be complete with auto responders and opt in emails.

C. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was next. I may not know much about what it is other than the basics of realizing that the better my ranking the more traffic will be directed to my website and this ranking is related in large part by the SEO work.

D. Strategies for Affiliate Programs and Links to Site need to be developed so I could use them appropriately.

E. Pay-per-click is one area where I get getting confused and often conflicting information. People have vastly different opinions in this area. Listen carefully to the recommendations and sort for yourself what you feel will be the best for your application. Pay-per-click is a critical area for me so extreme focus on the marketer's ability was absolutely key. I just wanted to know in an overview format what all the pay-per-click processes were.

I wanted someone experienced in the construction of campaigns to be developing and maintaining these for me. I know the term split-testing means to have two like developed and then change one component within one of the processes to test the market results. I wanted that done but I did not want to actually create and to the work associated with the split test. My talents relate to business coaching clients to achieve their financial goals, not the specifics of setting up a campaign.

F. Congruency Expertise is a vital skill. I wanted to brand my business through with congruency within my landing page site and my company site. And congruency between those two as well as the company I use to fuel our contracts.

Second – the priorizing. Once you have your list then I would prioritize what you want to be the strongest skills of the person or company you hire. Make a list of any for which you already have a plan, ie Domain Registration and prioritize the rest.

Third – the search. You can search online, register with local higher education student employment services, visit places near you where there may be qualified computer people to see if you can identify someone who might be interested in part-time work. Begin part-time even if you feel you need full-time. It is much easier to go from part to full-time than it is to take someone from full-time to part-time.

Set a specific interview time and use your list as your guide to interviewing. You will also be talking together to see if you have good ability to communicate together. Have the applicants complete an application and if he or she will be working from your home be sure the form gives you permission to do a background check. Complete reference checking and background checking prior to offering the position. Note- You will not need application forms for hiring a service which is already an entity. I always feel background and reference checks are good business.

Once you have arranged for this important piece of your internet business you will feel a huge sense of relief and, hiring properly will increase your business dramatically.

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