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Internet Marketing – Hard Sell Not Required, Build a Relationship

People do not mind being sold to. It depends on how you do it. If you include their intelligence they will make you pay for it. This may sound rather simplistic but you need to allow people to sell to themselves. I reckon I have a bit of explaining to do here.

If you place an offer before your market and they do not like what your product then simply find something that they do want and sell it to them. I can assure you it is much easier this way.

If you have an email listing it pays to ask them what they want. There is so much hype online. Hard sell tactics smacks of desperation. There is the likelihood that it may get the customer to part with their money but what about next time?

They will see you as a dodgy bloke not to be trusted especially if the product does not meet their expectations. Actually, your product may be great but they just can not see how your advertising hype had anything to do with the product they are looking at.

I want to be able to build relationships with people, find out what they want and provide it for them so they can buy from me over and over again. I am not interested in hype as it is a short lived affair.

Let me put it this way, so you do not think I am honest and stupid. I want repeat customers not one offs followed by unsubscribes

To achieve repeat custom I use the – No hype Diet. You should try it too.

Ask yourself why are you on other marketers' lists? Why do you think people are on your list – assuming you have one?

People do not like boiler room strategies. This is why they protect themselves with spam filters and throw away email addresses. In actual fact online hard sell just puts people off. I know it does me.

Why do people have call screening on their landlines? Is it not so that they do not have to listen to those desperate and sometimes irritating sales people trying to sell you double glazing? Most times you just want to say "No" even if they are simply saying Good Morning to you.

In your online business you should allow your well-crafted auto responder messages to do the job of warm up your prospects for you in a non threatening way then pass them on to your sales page to do the rest. There is really no need for your emails to scream of desperation.

At the end of the day is it really worth it to threaten your relationship with your list over $ 17 or $ 47?

Think of it as asking your friend to make a purchase. You simply do not go for the jugular or you could end your relationship rather sharpish. This is why I use the list building marketing model.

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