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Internet Marketing – 5 Ways to Boost AdSense Income

Early in an Internet marketing person's career, they usually learn the value of using Google AdSense. You know the ads that seem to blend into the page, as if they're part of the design? Those are AdSense ads, and if you make them part of your website or blog, when someone clicks on an ad, you'll be paid.

You could earn tons of cash in some niches. Advertisers using the keyword "dog," for example, pay $ 12 thousand to more than $ 22 thousand per day for their clicks. If you're in the dog niche, you may do very well with Google's ad system.

But Internet marketing is full of niches, and you may not be in a niche that's as popular. Then what can you do?

These 5 Ways will help you to pick up your AdSense earning, no matter what Internet marketing niche you're in:

1. Be sure to use the colors in your website or blog when designing your ads. For example, if your website is primarily white, you want ads with white backgrounds and white borders. That way, the ads will blend right into the page and appear to be content. People tend to click on these ads more often, which means more money for you.

2. Get the ads on top of your pages, do not hide them way down at the bottom of the page. If people can not see them, how can they click? Everything that's important in your Internet marketing website or blog should be "above the fold."

3. Install a Google search box. Then, when someone searches from your site, ads that apply to the keywords the person searched for will appear on the search results pages. When someone clicks, you're paid.

4. Refer other Internet marketing webmasters to AdSense. Get referral commissions.

5. Combine AdSense and You Tube. Get video content for your site, which is shown alongside appropriate ads. Clickers bring you more cash.

All 5 of these are great ways to get more income for your Internet marketing business. Hire someone to install the code for you, if you are not a tech person. However, it's pretty easy and Google's directions are fairly complete.

Your the if Internet marketing business is not already using AdSense, it a try. Before you apply, you'll need a website or blog to put the ads on. And when approved, be sure to stick to Google's terms of service. Advertising your page in the wrong way or clicking on your own ads could cause you to lose your account.

Still, monetizing your website or blog with Google AdSense is a wise decision. The minute you get your blog or website going, go over to Google and apply to be accepted into the program. Then, start driving traffic to your site. Your income from AdSense will not be huge to start, but as your website grows, the income you receive from Google will increase with it.

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