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Internet Business Ideas – The Secret Formula to Profits

Starting a business online could be the most important decision you as an entrepreneur.

Dell computers, Microsoft, Google are all testaments to the power of having a profitable idea that leads to the birth of multibillion-dollar internet businesses.  The good news for start up entrepreneurs is there is still abundant opportunity to start your own business based on sound ideas.

While your idea of starting the next multimillion-dollar business may be appealing, it does not translate to making a home run. You need to do more than coming up with ideas. You need to acquire the skills to come up with winning ideas. You want to acquire this skill because a winning idea will end your money worries, give you freedom, and make you wealthy.

The flip side is… Your idea may end up being a money pit, which could wind your business to bankruptcy.  The good news is the internet gives you, the opportunity to test your ideas, easily quickly and cheaply, so you can fail quickly, with minimal cost. And if you have a winner you can roll out your ideas to create a profitable business.

In a survey of Small business done by SCORE, the resource partner for the Small Business Association (SBA), 90 percent of business fail due to a lack of skill, and knowledge on the part of the owner.

My intention is to show you how to come up with winning ideas to start your internet business.

The greatest Myth of all

Have you ever heard this often used phrase in business…? “Do what you love and the money will follow”?

The above statement is only half the truth of the reality in business, because there are many businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs doing what they love….yet are struggling to make ends meet,  or at the brink of bankruptcy.

I will like to upset your ideas about business and tell you the keys to developing a profitable business idea

Keys to success with your ideas

The truth is that your success online has nothing to do with having a website what you need is…

You need passion.

You need to have passion for your new internet business idea.  In addition, your idea must appeals to your strengths. Your strengths are the combination of your talents, education, knowledge, experiences and the skills you have acquired over the course of your business life or career.

A proven market

Your market is important… because   you need to have an idea that people are going to pay you for the products and services you bring to the market place.  The best sign of finding a proven market is to look for: keyword searches on topics related to your business, the presence of competition, sales, promotions and a large number of prospects and buying customers.

The next time the flash bulb lights up in your head about, starting your internet marketing business…you must remember this formula…

Passion + profitable market= Perfect internet business

To your success

Akin osho

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