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How to Write the Author Bio for Your Blog

When people read blogs, many of them would want to find out who is the person behind the computer screen, frantically doing research everyday just to provide quality content for them, and typically to address this demand, most blogs have an author bio page, where a page is dedicated to talk just about the author – you!

Being a full time blogger and reading blogs everyday for some time now, I have seen all kinds of author bios, from short one liners to full pages, to even links to another blog that talks only about the author!

Which then, is good and practical?

There are four main things on their mind when readers surf on to your author bio page. Make sure you answer these four components at the minimum, and you will not stray too far away from a very proper author bio.

1. Who are you?

The obvious first things that people want answered is “Who are you?”, “What is your name?”. In doing this, you can mention things like your name, which part of the world are you based at, and what you are doing professionally. You can also put up a photo of yourself!

2. What is your expertise?

The second thing to answer is “What is your expertise?”. This is a little different from the abovementioned part on what you are doing professionally. In this section, you answer in terms of “What this blog is about”.

For example, you may be working full time as an engineer, but on this blog, what you are blogging about is your adventures in teaching your parrot to talk – so in this case, your expertise is teaching parrots to talk.

3. How can you help me?

People have found your blog for a reason – they either have a problem which is bothering them, or they are looking for information on how they can improve on what they are doing. That is the reason why people read your blog articles!

So you need to give them the direct answer to “How can you help me?”.

If your expertise was about teaching parrots to talk, then you might want to say something like “My parrot talking blog provides tips and tricks on how you can teach your own parrot to talk, like how I have done so for my 20 parrots”

4. How can I contact you?

The last thing you absolutely must have on your author bio is a way for your readers to get in touch with you. Use a contact form if you do not want to publish your email address, let your readers know that they are welcome to drop you a mail. Let them know you are a real person!

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