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How to Write Effective Phone Scripts

Most inside sales reps I speak with tell me that they don’t use a script, and when I take a look at the one their company has given them, I can understand why – most of them are terrible!

The problem with not using a script, however, is that you are forced to ad-lib it and that often ends up sounding as bad or worse. So what is the solution?

The solution is to craft a well-written script incorporating these five elements:

#1) Connect at the beginning. Most bad scripts start right off talking at the prospect almost nonstop. After the “Hi, is this _______?” they just start right in pitching their product. Wrong!

Try pausing in the opening and connecting, and rather than using the old, “How are you?” try “Can you hear me OK?”

#2) Use the word “Briefly “in the beginning. Most people you speak with are busy, so prefacing what you’re going to say with the word “briefly” helps put them at ease — and lets them know you respect their time.

#3) Briefly describe their problem and your benefit or solution: “Briefly _______ the reason I’m calling is that we help many companies like yours who are struggling to/with ________ by providing them with a cost-effective solution that (provide benefits here). I’d like to ask just a few questions to see if we can help you, too.”

#4) Give them a chance to say yes — or no! Again, don’t bulldoze your way through your script, but rather allow your prospect to interact here, and in other places as well. Use questions like “Does that make sense?” And “Would that help you as well?” And “How does that sound?”

#5) Ask lots of qualifying questions! Again, one of the biggest problems with most scripts is that they tend to pitch rather than qualify prospects. You must stop pitching and start qualifying!

Space out your qualifying questions so they don’t all come at the end, and work them in so they flow with the conversation. Try, “Who are you using now?” Then, “What would motivate you to try something different?” And so on.

Compare these five elements with your current scripts and see where you can improve them.

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