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How To Write An E-Mail Referral Campaign

The entire idea behind referral mails is that the link that is sent out to clients must be clicked. This link could lead them to any page, be it a squeeze page or a sales page.

However, not all people who receive such mails are likely to check the link the sender has enclosed in the e-mail. Hence, a few simple things must be borne in mind before one sets about sending out such e-mails.

First, it is important that the aspect of creditability be added to the product being advertised. In doing so, however, attempt must be made never to use hype. Hype, as a concept is very relative. It depends upon an individual’s opinion of a particular product or service. Therefore, the use of hype in order to lure the client and publicize the product may actually, in some cases, put off the client. Instead, it is advisable to use very plain language and give the reader the impression that the ultimate decision will be theirs and that it is not an encroachment on their privacy.

Another important thing to be borne in mind is that the shorter the mails are kept, the more attractive they are likely to be. Long mails providing a very detailed description of the product is absolutely unnecessary at this stage. The link to the website provided would give them this information anyway. On the other hand, a conscious effort must be made to update the website more regularly.

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