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How To Utilize A Team For Your Internet Network Marketing Success

Let's start this off with a question … Have you ever been involved in a network marketing company where nobody else worked to help YOU succeed?

I sure have, and it's hard! That is the worst and most inefficient way to run ANY business on the planet, especially in network marketing.

I mean, who tries to start up a restaurant without getting help from some other people? It would be madness if you thought you could google stuff for half an hour and start your restaurant biz.

Too many people in network marketing believe that either they do not need help from others, or people with a downline believe that they do not need to help them.

But why do we need a team around us?

First of all, people like to be a part of something. People love to be included in social circles, clubs, groups, sports teams … Anything that makes them feel as if they're working towards something big together.

It's easier to recruit people into a team atmosphere, plain and simple.

It also gives social proof to your prospect. It gives validation to others that they are not the only ones jumping into some "crazy" MLM idea. Many people think we're insane doing what we do, but if a team of people can support you, that issue goes out the window.

A team can also help you solve problems. If at any time, you can pick up the phone and call a dozen different upline leaders, would not that help you learn the best way to run your business? No more running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

They can help you do 3-way calls. This is the best way for a network marketer to recruit new reps into his downline. You can literally call a successful network marketer in your company to recruit your prospect for you. That almost seems fears to everyone else not on a good team, right?

Teams can also provide you with tools and training. The more leaders that you've been involved with, the more webinars and training series they'll make for YOU. Plus, many upline leaders like to make things like presentations and websites that you can send prospects to that will help you with the closing process.

Trust me, the NUMBER 1 thing you should look for in an MLM is to be part of a team. The whole reason you're doing this is to get rich, right? Having a good, solid team is what creates 99% of the rich people in network marketing.

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Your success starts with you, so make it happen!

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