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How to Use Twitter to Market Online For Your Home Business, Or Just Any Business in General

I’m sure most would agree with me when I say that “Twitter” has become one of the most useful forms of organic (free) marketing and social media networks on the internet today.

It’s a simple, to-the-point and fun way to get your company or product out there, it can also be great for generating a good list of customers and also making money online.

What you’ll need to do:

Step 1.

Sign up for a Twitter account, if you haven’t got one already. Tip, if you have a personal account that is great, you should already know how most of it works, but I would then suggest starting a new one especially for your business/product.

Step 2.

Edit your profile, add a picture and play with the designs till you’re happy you have a pleasant, attractive page that people will see when they visit your Twitter page.

Step 3.

How to get followers? The quickest way it to search Twitter for groups or people who seem like would be interested in your product. You can find out by reading some of their “Tweets” and also by clicking on their page and reading their info. Once you’ve found someone, click on their followers and then click the “follow” button on each of that persons followers for 3 pages. Once this is done try find 2 more people and do the same. Do this step once a day, and be careful not to follow too many people at once, make sure your following-to-followers ratio always remains close together number wise, if not then Twitter will think you’re a “spammer” and could possibly deactivate your account.

Step 4.

Each day or two, go through the list of people you are “following” and un-follow/remove anyone who hasn’t started following you back, these people take up space instead of the people who actually want to follow you back.

Step 5.

You should by now be starting to get a good number of followers, so make sure you tweet a good ¾ times a day at least. Make sure you don’t come across as one of those “annoying marketers” by trying to add a link or sell something in each and every tweet, but instead post about 70% of valuable, helpful or insightful messages, and then add something marketing or advertising your business or product for the remaining 30%.

TIP: You could also sign up for a free account with, this tool allows you to manage your “tweets” over a period. You can log on and type in your tweets for the day and schedule what time you would like them to be sent.

And that’s all there is to it really, well the basics anyway. Play around with your account and get a feel for it and you’ll be tweeting away like a little bird before you know it!

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