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How to Use Internet Marketing in Your Home Business

Anybody who has been involved in internet marketing for some time will understand that making money online is not as easy as most think it to be. It is not just a matter of throwing up a website (try it!), sticking some products on and making your fortune overnight. If it was, then the world would be full of millionaires. There is a lot more to an online business that that.

If you are serious about starting up a home business, and making the bulk of your income on the internet, then you first have to decide on the type of business you will enter into. A wealthy marketer will have done his or her homework, have researched the various methods used to make money online, and also checked out the tools needed for internet marketing success.

There are many tools that you will need, without which your job will be very much harder. Take the simple autoresponder. I say ‘simple’ because they are used by just about everybody involved in online marketing now, though are not all that simple! Your autoresponder will answer your emails, add addresses to your lists, answer questions, take orders, accept payments and deliver you products all while you sleep, so that you business can run itself 24/7. You can go for a two week vacation and come back to lots more in the bank than you spent on vacation!

You will also need tools to enable you to take payments by debit and credit card. If you can’t do that then you won’t succeed because that is the way that people pay online. Other tools to help you get traffic and other tools to . . .

I think you get the drift. However, there is more than one way to make money online, and making money is what internet marketing means to most people. In fact, if you study the term, the word ‘marketing’ actually refers to identifying and satisfying a customer’s needs profitably, and not just selling and making money. You can do ‘internet marketing’ without selling a thing, and do it very well. You could then transfer what have learned to your offline sales promotions and make money. However, this is a case where the popular view of the term wins the day. Marketing on the internet refers to making money online!

However, that’s bye the bye. We are discussing ways to make money online, and the tools needed to do it. In fact, you don’t need these tools if you join a good network marketing program. You should be provided with all you need to make money. Network marketing involves a good product and a sales system to sell it. What you do in addition to selling the product itself is to recruit other members to the program, and you get paid a commission on what product they sell.

Make sure that the program you join doesn’t depend only on recruitment for you to make money, because then the money coming into the company is only through members payments, and if you think about it, everybody can’t make money that way. You have to have wealth coming in through product sales. So keep an eye out for that, but otherwise a good network marketing, or multi level marketing, company is a good way to make money online.

You get a commission, not only on your own product sales, but also on the sales made by those you recruit. Not just that, but also on the sales of the recruits your recruits sign on. With some companies, this carries on ad infinitum down the line, and while you might at first think that is good, in fact it is not, at least not unless you are way up the upline.

The best MLM programs pay about two levels, so that you get paid for your recruits sales and also their recruits. That leaves plenty money in the system for other people. An example of such a program is Wealthy Marketer that pays to two levels, and also for all of your own sales. There are others, and you must check out each one individually.

Making money online is not as easy as most people will try to tell you it is, but if you get yourself onto the right program then you will find it a lot easier. There are internet marketing programs that provide you with the marketing materials and the products, and all you have to do is either to promote them to earn money, or even recruit others to do it for you. What could be better!

Best Regards, Carl Hartley

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