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How to Turn Clients Away in 3 Simple Steps

1. Have a horrible website

One of the most important representations of your business is your website. If you want to turn clients away when they visit your website you should;

  • Have lots of different colors and fonts on each page
  • Post a photo that looks like you took it yourself with a cellphone and is really blurry
  • Include clip art icons and cartoon images
  • Use a flash video as the first page and make them watch it before they can access any other pages on your site
  • Have so many graphics that the page takes forever to load and tests their patience
  • List all your pages on your navigation bar and give them lots of choices to click on
  • Let your high school neighbor or teenager design it

2. List your one-on-one coaching session as your only service offering

If you want to turn clients away, you should provide only one product / service and expect them to buy it no matter how expensive it is without even knowing who you are or testing your services with lower end products.

You should also only offer one-on-one coaching sessions in order to limit the amount of clients that you can service and therefore turn away even more clients because you simply will not have the time to coach them all.

You should not provide downloadable products such as eBooks or audios for automatic download and passive income.

3. Market your services to everybody

Create your website content and marketing material with "everyone" in mind. Do not speak to a certain group of people or target market. Spend all your marketing time and money advertising in the most expensive magazines that reach the largest group of people so that you can reach everybody.

Believe that you do not want to limit yourself to a small niche and turn away any client therefore anyone can benefit from your services. In fact, if you want to lose clients by marketing to everyone and anyone;

  • Do not sit down to create a profile of your ideal client (do not include their age, sex, income, location, etc …)
  • Do not spend a few weekends doing research to see where they hangout online and becoming an active member of their forums and social media groups
  • Do not create products and services that provide solutions to their most pressing problems and issues.

I hope you'll take this advice lightly and do the opposite! To recap; have a clean and smartly designed website, create products for passive revenue, and pick a niche / target market.

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