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How to Set Yourself Apart From Other Affiliates

Let's talk a little about leadership. I have built a team of 88 people
in 30 days. How is this possible? I know it's my good looks or my
irresistible charm or maybe the offer I offered to everyone that signed
up. It's none of these things and yet it's all of these things. You
have heard me say that leadership is actions that personify the person. I
can not teach you leadership. I can only demonstrate the commitment and
fortitude to my goals that will allow you to see how I am achieving
success. If you follow the actions you will have the success also. That is
right the actions.

So how did 88 people come to cross paths and see there is great
opportunity in my team? First factor is the product and the website. First is the line
of products, great products that fill a niche. Second is the dedication
of the leadership of the company to do what they say and deliver on
time. Third is the opportunity for everyone to take this in directions
that only 88 very intelligent minds can take these products.

Here are the leadership actions that I and many others on my team have

Set your goals high and never waiver. Persistence is the key to
anything. I once read an article from Michael Jordan that said in order for
him to become World Champion and MVP he had to participate in thousands
and thousands of losses. He personally missed tens of thousands of shots
and he missed three hundred shots that would have saved the game. But
today we see him as the most successful B-Ball player ever.

Set a time of day to work your business. I personally dedicate 1 hour
to my business everyday. It may come in pieces, but a minimum of one
hour everyday will be spent doing business related tasks.

Next, generate some clear and concise advertising material to run your business. Look in the newspaper and internet. Copy successful ads and their

Finally I try to have as much fun as possible. Passion for anything
brings joy, joy brings satisfaction and a feeling of well being, that is
how it becomes fun.

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