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How to Set Up Your Blog

You can set up your own blog and start making money. You can get the whole thing set up in about 3 to 5 minutes, no joke. Just do the following and you are on your way: go to blogger and then the system will ask you for a blog title and then a blog address or URL. Searching for a URL that is not taken is probably the only delay you will run into.

b. When you enter the URL you would like you then click on the availability hyperlink and the system will either say that URL is available or it's taken in which case you have to try to find another one which has not been selected yet. There will be a little security coded lettering you have to enter and then click on the continue key.

c. Now it's time to chose the template you desire for your blog. It gives you several designs to select from. Do not worry if you change your mind about a particular template because you can always go back and change it later even after you have posted some content. You can even change it right then if you like.

d. After you select your template you are up and running and ready to go with your first post. There are a lot of features and extras that can be added to your blog. For example Google adsense. These are ads place on your blog by Google which are consistent with the material you have written in your blog.

If you write about setting and achieving goals your ads from Google will be about goals and so on and so forth. Also do not click on your own ads or Google will kick you out of the program. This is how you make money when other people visit your blog and click on your ads. Again please do not click on your own ads because Google will know and you will be banned from participating.

You may want to let others know that use your computer. In order for you to see all the features that can be added go to the blogger logo in the upper left hand corner and click on it. Now click on Layout and then click on, "Add a page element and this will show every feature that can be added.
Some are summarized below.

Newsreel => this feature give you an option to add newsreel or current headlines from Google to your blog.
List ==> You can add you favorite list of books, movies, or anything you like.
Picture ==> You can add a picture
Video Bar ==> clips from YouTube and Google can be added.
Link list ===> Add a collection of your favorite sites, blogs or websites. So get started with your blog right now

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