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How to Please Your Man in Bed – 3 Mind-Blowing Tips That Will Drive Your Man Crazy!

I am very surprised how many women seem to have no idea how to please a man in bed. They often complain to me that their boyfriend is cheating on them or that the men they are after never want to see them again. Well that is mainly because they don’t know how to please a man in bed. It is that simple. I’m going to make it easy with you and share with you what turns a man on in the bedroom. Take a good note of this, because it will save your boyfriend from cheating on you or the men you sleep with disappearing.

Listed below is three mind-blowing tips on how to get your man super excited in bed:

  1. Sex From Behind: This is by far a man’s favourite sexual position. Do not underestimate how much a man loves this position in bed, a lot of women do. Some girls prefer not to have sex in this position and only let a man have sex with them in the common missionary position. Well for most men that position spells boring. Variety is needed besides the missionary position, but more importantly the behind position is exactly what turns men on! If you want to really please him in bed then give him your behind and he will love you for it!
  2. Riding Him On Top: Get on top of him and start to ride around his penis. Get good at this as men love this! Show him that you got moves and can move his penis in various positions while you are on top of him. This is something that drives men crazy. Men cannot stand a woman who just sits on top and does nothing and he has to to all the work. They love a woman who can take charge and move around while she is on top. Enjoy the ride!
  3. Oral Sex: A few surveys have shown that some men actually enjoy oral sex more than sexual intercourse. This gives you an illustration of how important this is to men! Many women avoid oral sex with men and by doing that they are making a big mistake. You need to go down on him if you really want to please him. Without doing it you will never fully please him. That is the fact of the matter.

Above was a snippet of how you can please your man in bed.

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