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How to Please a Women Sexually

How to please a women sexually is easy for a lot of men. But, there are men have found it hard to find the methods and means to bring sexual pleasure to their partners. A lot of women, have no problem explaining to their partner what stimulates their sexual prowess. But, there are still women out there who never voice their sexual desires to their partners. Coupled with the fact that some men are not very good at performing sex and have no desire to pleasure their partners. They are self serving sexual partners and could care less about their woman’s pleasure. But, you’re not one of those types I hope.

Let’s be frank for a second. Women enjoy sex just as much as men, but some women never express their true desires for sexual stimulation. We as men need to nurture these woman’s feelings and help them come to their sexual reincarnation.

How to please a women sexually does not have to be difficult. After all, you are they type that wants your lover to feel the same pleasure you receive when having sex.

Here are a few tips on how to please a women sexually.

1. Open up some dialogue with your lover over her sexual desires. You do not have to discuss these types of conversations in the bedroom. You can talk over a cup of coffee or maybe on the couch. Some women feel confined by the bedroom and are more than willing to open up when outside of it.

2. Ensure your partners trust in you. You want to make sure that whatever your women tells you, you will be more than willing to try it. You need to develop a deep in trust, this will allow you to try different sexual positions without reservations.

3. Ask your women if she has a favorite sex toy she likes to use. Maybe she can teach you how to use it and you will be able to implement her favorite techniques.

4. Ask her if you can be allowed to watch her masturbate. You will be able to use her same techniques to bring her to orgasm. Women are just like men and both of us masturbate. Having her show and tell you how to bring her to orgasm will only heighten your sexual pleasure.

5. Make sure you allow her to be herself. The trust you share with her in the bedroom should never be broken. You do not want her to tell you something that turns her on and then poke fun of it or tell her you have reservations about it.

6. Develop communication keys in bed when trying different techniques. Have special words that you both can use that will mean to stop whatever us happening. The heat of the moment can cause people to forget their surroundings. It’s important you develop words to use in case one of you becomes uncomfortable when trying new things.

All these tips will help how to sexually please women. You are not the only one expecting pleasure from sex. You have a partner and they have sexual desires that need to be fulfilled.

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