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How to Maximise Your ROI of Your List Building Activities

You need to know the performance of your list building activities. You need to know what’s working and what isn’t. Without knowing your numbers how do you know what to invest more in and what to scale back?

To track your list building activities you need to use a simple tracker. There are free trackers available but I use an inexpensive tracking plugin called WP traffic filter, which was about $10. Which is all I need to track all of the important numbers in my business.

So now you know how to and the importance of tracking your traffic. Right!

Now we need to look at your traffic sources and maximise every penny that you invest, so you generate the best possible return on investment.

So you have two types of traffic.

Paid traffic and free traffic.

Paid Traffic

When you use paid traffic methods such as Facebook ads, Solo ads, Twitter PPC etc you need to send this traffic to a free offer.

A free offer could be:

A video

A MP3 recording

A eBook

A Webinar

A GOOD value PLR product

The average I pay for traffic is $1 per subscriber. Yes you can get solo adds, Facebook advertising and other forms of advertising for pennies on the click. But what percentage of those clicks go onto subscribe to your list? More importantly how many of those go onto buy from you?

FREE Traffic

When you generate free traffic, such as Affiliate traffic, YouTube videos, forums, you need to send these to a paid offer.

The paid offer can be:

Your own product

An affiliate product (Ensure its good quality)

Why do you send free traffic to a paid offer? You want to convert your free traffic into paying customers as soon as possible so you can clearly sort the people who just want freebies from the ones who are serious about making money online.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t throw people off my list if they don’t buy anything. They just go through a different autoresponder series to my buyers list. I want to help as many people make money online as possible.

I am sure we all want to help as many people as possible. But if you are like me and this is a full time job then you also need to get paid in exchange for the value you provide.

If you do this you will see a dramatic and immediate difference in your business.

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