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How to Make Your First $ 100 With Your Squidoo Lens

Whether or not you know what is, at the time you are reading this article you could make your first $ 100 with Squidoo in no time.

If you are selling anything on the internet or elsewhere you should know what Squidoo is. Why? Because, Squidoo can be a window to the world for any of your products.

Whether you are selling books, nutrition products, phone services, collectibles or anything else you can use the fame of Squidoo and its excellent ranking on Google search engine to make your product known to the world. Not only you can talk about your product, but you can add all the pictures, text and links that you want.

Squidoo is what is called a Web 2.0 that was launched in early 2006 and which has kept growing ever since with some 300-500 new members each and every day.

I was introduced myself to Squidoo late 2007 and did not know anything about it. Now, tones of Squidoo lenses later and counting, I am helping people succeed on Squidoo with my own "how to" Squidoo lenses and I promote e-Books that have helped me improve my "Squidoo career".

Here are 3 ways to make your first $ 100 with your Squidoo lens.

1) Squidoo is already SET for you to put your products together in such a way that you can make your lens look like a store in minutes (What Squidoo calls a "lens" is simply your page or site).
2) Even if you do not have any product to sell at the moment Squidoo shows you how to sell items from, Café Press and other selling giant sites. You can sell with your Squidoo lens from these sites and cash the commissions.
3) You can follow the Squidoo Cash Machine Guide that you can find by clicking the link at the end of this article and learn EVERYTHING you need to know to optimize your Squidoo lens.

Squidoo is used by the seasoned network marketers, reporters and business owners, because they understand the value of this great tool. To learn more about Squidoo and your abilities to make your first $ 100 dollar with Squidoo fast, just click the link bellow.

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