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How to Make Your Blog Profitable

Many people have learned to earn a decent income from their blogs. If you have a blog, you have probably wondered how to make your blog profitable too.

To start, you may need to set up your blog on your own domain to make your blog profitable. Not all free blog sites allow you to run advertising or affiliate programs on your blog.

Next, you must decide how you plan to earn money on your blog. These are some of the most popular options:

1. AdSense Advertising

Google AdSense advertising may be one of the easiest ways to earn money on your blog. All you need is a little bit of code and then Google will start feeding ads onto your site. You earn money every time a visitor to your website clicks on an advertising link.

The drawback to Google AdSense is that the program scans your content and tries to feed ads related to words on the pages. This sounds good in theory, but can look kind of silly when your content contains a metaphor. Your political blog might refer to certain voters as sheep, and suddenly you could see agricultural ads on the page.

There are ways to code your page and help AdSense keep its ads in line with your overall topic, but if you do not do this coding you will want to keep these limitations in mind when creating content.

2. Amazon Advertising

Amazon’s affiliate advertising model lets you market particular items or categories on your website. With Amazon, you earn a commission on each item purchased by a lead who went to Amazon through one of your links.

Amazon can be nice because even if the prospect does not buy the item they clicked on, you can still get a commission if they go on to buy something else. A blog reader might check out your link to a new headset and decide instead to purchase a book recommended by Amazon, and you will get the commission.

A drawback to Amazon is that the company is fighting sales tax battles in several US states and will not allow you to become an affiliate if you live in one of those states.

3. Information Product

If your blog has a niche, you can create an information product that solves a problem for your blog readers. An information product (like an e-book or video series) will allow you to keep all the revenue from your sales if you wish.

Whatever you choose, the sooner you settle on a revenue stream the easier it will be for you to create content that maximizes your income and makes your blog profitable. If you are spending your time and effort, you might as well be rewarded.

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