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How to Make Money Writing Online – Legitimate Ways to Make Extra Cash

Don’t know how to make money writing online, then you are in the right spot. I am gonna tell you how writing can make you some extra cash. The internet is growing very rapidly, and there is a great demand for writers. I am talking about making money with article marketing.

Article marketing is a very popular way to make some extra cash and won’t cost anything to start up. You won’t even need a website to start. The main goal is to get your articles listed on the first page of Google and start to receive organic traffic. The easiest way to get there is to write keyword rich articles in niches that are not overpopulated.

Here’s how to make money writing online. Find a product that people want (that’s the key, find a hungry crowd and feed them) and give it to them. Go get you some long tailed keywords that are related to the product. Build a landing page around it and write lots and lots of articles to several different article directories, linking to your landing page.

The best place for a newbie to start is with Commission Junction or ClickBank, they make sure you get paid on time every time.

Now you know how to make money writing online. The coolest part is that their is not investment of money, just your time. Writing articles online can make you a living, it will just take a commitment. If you are committed to writing, you have won half the battle and the sky is the limit.

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