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How To Make Money From Tiddlywinks

This is a question which came to mind today, and so I thought I'd share the answer.

I asked myself the question as I was preparing to send out my weekly newsletter.
I was mentioning my new book 'Make Money From Sport,' and was listing a few examples of sports which people could use the technique on.

As is my way, I decided to come up with a list that might get people wondering, so after things like tennis, boxing, football, etc, I put tiddlywinks.

It's not unusual for me to write first and think second, but on this occasion I knew I was right – I had written a book about it after all, so let's go over some methods for making money from tiddlywinks.

Firstly you could be a professional tiddlywink player.
Hmm …

You know how some sports have big earnings for the world elite, and other sports do not have any money even for the world's best?
I suspect tiddlywinks falls into the latter, so let's move on to method 2.

You could set up a tiddlywinks website, featuring articles, book offers, equipment offers etc.
Ok, this idea is more solid, but there are already several authoritative sites out there, and not only would you have to set up and maintain the site, possibly invest in stock, you'd also have to compete with those established sites.

The third method, and this is the technique I use, is to provide tiddlywink players and fans with something that most people want – a cost free way to earn income online.

For tiddlywink players, the benefits could include being able to collect tiddlywink memorabilia, or being able to afford trips to go to the major championships wherever they may be.

Of course, if they then turn their attention to the other sporting markets, their opportunity for income rises dramatically, more than you'd get from a lifetime of playing!

So I hope you've seen that yes, it is indeed possible to make money from tiddlywinks.

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