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How to Make Money From Home on Your Computer – Know When to Quit

If you are like me, when I was first learning how to make money from home on my computer, I would work at it morning, noon, and night. I didn’t really know when enough was enough – it was like I just didn’t know when to quit! I constantly felt that if I wasn’t at my computer working, then I was wasting time that could be spending making money.

I also found that I was spending less and less time with my family and friends, as well as not keeping up with my workout routine, proper eating habits, and sleep schedule. Not to mention, I wasn’t taking the time to enjoy any of the things I used to take time out for – like going out to a movie, lunch with friends, or any of my old hobbies or interests.

Do you find yourself in this same predicament?

The problem is that it’s too easy to trick yourself into thinking that since you are already at home – then you are technically not really at work.

Most “regular” businesses have established starting and stopping times. Most offices are closed on holidays and you know when to take your vacation time. When you are sick, you take a sick day. These types of boundaries not only help your customers know when you will be available for business, but they also give you a chance to spend time with your family, get house chores or errands done, or just give you a day or two of some much needed relaxation time.

However, when your work is your online business, or your office is at home, it is very easy to fall into a bad habit of not establishing a routine work schedule and so you end up working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Not only is this a recipe for burnout, but it will almost certainly put a strain on your family and friend relationships. Your family should never feel like you are always at work, or that they live in your office!

Here are a few tips for avoiding the 24-hour-office situation:

1. Establish a firm, regular work schedule – and stick to it.

2. Avoid working holidays – you and your family should be celebrating special days together.

3. Have a couple of days off built into your workweek – a real weekend would be even better.

4. Take a real “lunch hour” – go somewhere like a park, or deli, or out with a friend.

5. Be sure and take routine breaks during your workday – walk around the block, or relax with a cup of coffee.

The point is to make sure you are spending sufficient, quality time with yourself and your family. Your down time is when you regain your energy and creativity. It may seem like you are being less productive at first, but if you continue to burn the candle at both ends, it’s really you who ends up getting burned – and burned out.

To stay on track, take immediate steps to correct your situation now. You’ll find you have more time to enjoy your friends and family. Which means they won’t feel neglected and you will feel more relaxed – and you’ll be energized and excited when it’s time to get back to work!

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