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How To Make Money From Blogging – Step By Step

Step 1. You can either create an account at blogger or WordPress it’s up to you. I will concentrate on blogger as it’s the easiest blogging platform to deal with. So first you create your account at and follow the on screen instructions for set up.

Step 2. Next you will need to decide which niche subject you will choose. Focus on niches that have a problem or pain e.g. weight loss or acne.

Step 3. Having chosen your niche, you will need excellent content for your visitors so I suggest you create 5 posts giving excellent informative information that will help them. You can even have relevant you tube videos related to your niche that are high quality tutorial videos.

Step 4. In order to monetise your blog go to and pick a product that is suitable to promote on your blog. It is better to buy the actual product, that way you can review it and you know it will be valuable for your prospects and visitors.

Step 5. I would suggest that you put an opt in form on your blog to capture visitors name and e mail addresses so you can promote high quality offers to them in the future.

Step 6. With since it is owned by Google you can also put Google AdSense on your blog and earn money from it.

Step 7. If you want graphics for your blog, you can get these at in which have a great selection of amazing photos there.

Step 8. The next way you can monetise your blog is become an affiliate at They will give you a link and you are allowed to use their product image.

Step 9. You will also want to track the number of visitors to your blog and the keywords they are using, so visitors find your blog.By also using a stat counter at this will help with site statistics measurement.

Even though this sounds easy, it will still take a bit of practice to get into the swing of it.I would suggest you keep repeating the process and in a few short months you will see great results.

Often newbies give up after the first blog, thinking that this is all too hard and not worth the effort but you need to look long term as short term thinking will cause you to fail.

I hope you have found this article informative and helpful and as a guide to making money blogging.

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