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How to Make 1000 Dollars in One Month Or Less

Sometimes you don’t have time to think about grand, pie-in-the-sky money-making ideas. Sometimes, you just need to make money quickly. If money grew on trees, we’d all be in great shape. But I haven’t noticed any pine needles turning into hundred dollar bills lately, and I bet you haven’t, either. However, there’s one money-making method that’s almost just as good as money that grows on trees, and it’s guaranteed to make 1000 dollars in one month or less.

It’s not fancy.

It’s not complicated.

It’s a blueprint for any mom, dad or college kid who wants or needs a job or needs to make 1000 dollars fairly quickly.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it does pay off within a matter of days.

Here’s how it works.

Things You’ll Need:

A computer

Internet connection (either at home or at a library)

A PayPal account

Step 1:

Write one article. It can be an article about almost anything you can conceive – video games, Farmville cheats, iPod applications, how to make pancakes, how to change a tire, how to fix an engine, making money at home – whatever you know about or love and can write on quickly.

Step 2:

Open a free account on as many article publishers you can think of. Associated Content and Helium are great ones to start with.

Step 3:

Submit the article to Associated Content, and you will get paid an upfront fee for your article. You can make between $3 and $5 for your article. Once they’ve accepted the article, submit it to other article publishers, such as Helium and Xomba, and you’ll make pay per view bonuses and pay per click bonuses whenever readers view an article or click on an ad.

Step 4:

Repeat these steps four more times for a total of five articles. Ideally, you should be able to do this within one day. The more you write, the faster you’ll get.

Step 5:

Apply as a writer for online publishers, such as Bright Hub, that pay higher upfront payment as well as pay per view revenue share. Pick one of your five articles you wrote previously and upload it in your application as an example of your best work. At Bright Hub, you’ll have the opportunity to earn $10 per article.

Step 6:

Write five articles per day for Bright Hub. At this rate, you’ll be making $250 per week. At four weeks per month, that’s 1000 dollars per month. If you’re able to keep writing for other publishers in addition to Bright Hub, you’ll have reached and exceeded your goal to make 1000 dollars in one month!

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