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How to Get Your Wife Interested in Cuckolding

Do you want to be a cuckold? Cuckolding is a sexual lifestyle that most people won’t discuss in public. In fact, many men dream of being cuckolded by their wives and do not know how to approach them. If you are a man and want to know how to get your wife interested in cuckolding, here’s a way to ease her into it.

First, you need to explain to her exactly what a hot wife does. If you think that your wife will like being a hot wife even a little bit, you can slowly ease her into that too. Hot wives are dominating in the bedroom. They can be demanding and forceful. If you want her to be more like that, you should tell her. Most women want to please their man sexually, so appealing to her desire to please you will help. This could even be step one – if she seems open to trying this, once she gets used to it it will be easier to get her to cuckold.

Second, you need to explain to her why you want to be cuckolded. For many men, it is not just a sexual thing. It is more psychological – a challenge to find someone that can satisfy your wife better than you can. Maybe you have a high powered life style and just want your wife to start taking charge. Maybe you want her to be with someone else so that you can then be forced to make your sex life hotter than he did. Whatever the reason, you need to be able to talk it through with her and tell her why you want it.

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