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How to Get Over The 4 MLM Pitfalls

Today I want to talk to you about 4 MLM Pitfalls we all have to turn sooner or later in building our businesses.

Most of us suffer from:

* Lack of leads

* Lack of money

* Lack of marketing training

* Lack of duplication

Let's take a closer look at each:

I) Lead Generation:

Generating leads is not rocket science although if you do not know where to start, it can be quite a daunting task. First you need a personalized capture page to build your own list with your own auto responder. When you signed up with your company you were probably assigned a replicated website to promote your business. However what you'll soon find out with those "Me too" websites is that they do not do very well in marketing simply because thousands of others are using the same, so chances are your prospect is not interested in taking a look at yours :

1) they've seen it before; Nothing new under the sun

2) the website is too impersonal. They never get to meet you, only your faceless company. People do not join companies, they join people.

II) Auto Pilot Cashflow:

Here's a fact: it will take a little bit of time before you can start generating a significant income in your primary business. In the mean time, you'll find that you are spending more money than you're actually making. Most marketers run out of money and that's the number one reason why most will quit their business. Therefore creating multiple streams of income is a must. The more you can streamline your sales funnel the better: you set it up and walk away. That way you are not distracted while promoting other affiliate programs, you can focus on your primary business.

III) Marketing Training:

The irony of this industry is that it's a business that requires knowledge of marketing (after all it's called network marketing and multi level marketing for a reason) yet 97% of people engaged in it know nothing about marketing and are never told that they should. Instead they are encouraged to make a list of 100 people they know and / or approach strangers in the supermarket.

Not to say that the traditional methods do not work, but the fact is they are not for the majority of us.

My advice: Plug into training. Build up your value so people will spend money to join you and learn from you. As Mike Dillard says "The more you learn, the more valuable you become. The more valuable you become, the more money you make." Use your money to build yourself. Get rid of poverty mentality, get rid of the fear of investing in increasing your value.

IV) Duplication

Let's assume that you were able to acquire all this knowledge and figured this whole thing out for yourself. The question is

1) Can you afford to wait until that happens?

2) Is this duplicate for your team? Can they go out and create the same system. The answer is probably not.

That's why it is important that you find in the interim a pre built system that works for you. If you can give your team member a simple path to follow you're significantly increasing their chances to succeed.

"A confused mind does nothing": that's why systems are important. Left to their own devices, your distributors will roam aimlessly while accomplishing nothing. As a leader it is important that you do your due diligence and find efficient tools for your team to work with.

A good system should successfully address all 4 of the common MLM pitfalls. It should:

A) Convert website visitors into leads;

B) Allow you to profit from your advertising efforts without distracting you from building your primary business;

C) Provide marketing training for you, your prospects and team members

D) Be simple to use so anyone on your team with a little bit of efforts can get up to speed in a relatively short amount of time

This is the secret of Top Producers.

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