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How To Get A Zero Budget Marketing Strategy

What is a zero budget marketing strategy and how can it help you?

Look at the words. 'Zero budget' … 'marketing strategy' that there tells you that, in a nutshell, we're talking about here for a strategy for marketing your product or business that is not going to cost you any money. So basically it's free method to advertise your product or service and it's essential that you know how to do this especially if you do not have the money to throw into a paid advertising campaign right away.

More and more the smart marketers are turning to the big social media sites to get the word about. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, they all should figure in your day to day marketing efforts and if you are not using them then you are leaving money on the table. But do not despair help is at hand.

I'm a member of a growing team of guys and girls who know and understand the value of free advertising via the big social media sites. We currently have team members doing AMAZING things on Facebook that share freely with the rest of us. And these are all strategies that do not cost a cent to implement.

Learn how to increase your Facebook friend count the right way, without getting slapped for approaching complete strangers out of the blue. Learn how to build your profile so that it engaging to those you seek to market your product or service to. Learn about what turns prospects on and what turns them off when you post to your wall. These are just a few of the things you simply have to get right or the bulk of your efforts will be a waste of time.

When you know how to really leverage the power of Facebook you'll see an amazing transformation take place in your business and that's just the start. Most people in the IM industry, especially newcomers, think that the right way to do business is to join a bunch of groups, solicit a bunch of friends, then start sending spammy links to their opportunity. That is so not the right way to do business. You need to be engaging. You need to be personable. You need to strike up a relationship first before introducing your offer.

You do that and you're guaranteed to do well as Facebook is all about ENGAGEMENT. If you learn nothing more than that from this short piece then it's a good start. If you want to learn more about how my team members and I use Facebook the right way then please visit my site. Thank you for reading.

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