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How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign relationships considering on the email you send. The key elements of a successful marketing campaign are:

A targeted emailing list

A targeted direct emailing list of recipients that subscribed to receive emails from you is one of the most important elements of a successful email marketing campaign.Try to find out what your subscribers' interests are and divide your email lists accordingly.

An effective subject line

The subject line is a pivotal element for your direct email marketing campaign since it is the first point of contact with potential clients. The goal of the subject line in a direct email marketing campaign is to determine the subscriber to open the message. Succinctness and truthfulness are the characteristics of the subject line in a successful direct mailing campaign.Testing more versions of an email campaign's subject line has proved to be a very effective technique.

The subject line in a direct mailing campaign must also pass filters.Here are some spam phrases to avoid in your email marketing campaign's subject line: best price, act now, 100% satisfied, all new, bargain, best price, call free, click to remove, free leads, free offer, never, now, etc.Before sending any email campaign, you should run the email through a spam checker that will alert you to temporary problems.

An easy readable email

Make sure your email is compounded of no more than 3 paragraphs; in a direct mailing campaign the message must be brief and clear. Make one point for each paragraph and keep sentences and paragraphs short. Make sure there are no grammar errors in your email.

Contact information

Use an individual account with a person's name.Send your subscribers emails from the same person's name for all your emailing campaigns.People are less likely to get suspicious about your intentions, if you include contact information in your email.

Possibility to opt-out of your direct mailing list

In order to keep your email marketing list targeted, include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

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