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How to Capture Network Marketing Prospects

There is indeed an art to learning the proper way to capture network marketing prospects. Some of them are obvious, and others are right in front of you, you just do not see them.

There are opportunities to pursue in every minute of every single day. Looking for people to do business with is easy, but takes a certain amount of effort and discipline on your part.

When you are going about the business of your day, remember the five foot rule. That means that anytime you are within five feet of someone, you should engage them in conversation. Something as simple as commenting on the weather can give you an opportunity.

After the conversation starts, determine if they are becoming interested. For example if you ask them "what do you do for a living?", And they answer, go ahead with the conversation and get to know them a little more until you can open it up to the topic in mind.

If they show some interest, maybe you can say something like "I have something I think you might want to look at. Would you be interested?". This is a good time to give them something to use, like a link to a website or sharing cards so you can contact them with further information later.

Is not that really easy? There are dozens of chances like this every single day that you can take advantage of. Think about what can happen if you set a goal to talk to just five new people every single day.

Think of what kind of results that can bring your network marketing business. You will have so many prospects in your book that will keep you very busy and increase your chances of sponsoring them. This will cause your business to expand rapidly.

So, remember the five foot rule the next time you go out, and start talking to people. Before you realize, your network prospects will grow exponentially, which will help you grow your business very fast. This will absolutely boost your profit margins.

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