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How to Buy and Sell Tools and Make Extra Money!

You can buy and sell tools pretty easy, and make excellent part time money, or turn it into a full time job! Thanks again to the internet, and sites like Craigslist, that last I looked, claimed to be the 7th largest English visited website, with 15 million postings a month. Here is the difference between an internet classified section, and the newspaper classifieds section. First, then newspaper usually charges you a fee, and most internet website also do, but some of them don’t, like Craigslist, and a few other clones.

In the newspaper days, you wait for the newspaper to come to your driveway, you go out, and everyone else in town is the same way, they all go to their newspaper about the same time, then you open up the paper, and there is about 10 ads under the tool section, not a whole bunch of stuff to look at! If there is a good deal, I’m sure every other Joe on the street, made a call too!

On the internet, since it is open 24 hours, when someone posts something online, usually it comes up online, within a minute or two, and you get to see more details, and descriptions, of what people have for sale, and pictures of the items, as a picture really is worth a thousand words!

If you monitor several different sites, and have a list of items you like to look for, you can keep browsing those lists, and each time you see a new ad pop up, and the price is under the price it usually should sell for, you have a potential to make money off of that! It might have been posted just 3 minutes ago, and you then truly are the first one to see the ad, and show up to get the best deal, unlike the newspaper, where everyone starts at 7:00 a.m., when they get their local newspapers.

The great thing about the internet is at the major sites, they don’t care what age you are, you can list your item for sale, and let people buy your products! If you are willing to travel, you can sometimes buy a machine that is worth $3,000 for example, for maybe $1,500, but you will need to drive 300 miles to pick it up. If you paid for gas, and traveled that far, and then came back. You could do it in less than one day, and spend maybe $100 or so, on gas and driving, and you would make that additional $1,400, and that’s not bad for a day’s worth of work!

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