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How To Be The Best at Life Insurance Selling

#1 Life Insurance Selling Strategies to be the best.

Learn the top strategies to be the best at life insurance selling.

You need to be a special Agent to become successful. The great thing is, is that this is the perfect time. Why? Technology is changing everything, and the majority of Insurance agents just aren’t keeping up and changing their marketing strategies. The majority of insurance agents are spending 10-20 (or even more) hours a week networking, cold calling at night for several hours, going door to door, advertising in the phone book, and buying expensive internet leads.

So How Do YOU Do It?

1. Make a website that is an Opt-In Site and collects emails. This site needs to give free information out that people are willing to give you their information to get. Just think if you could get 25 email leads every day! You can have a standard website that gives the same old information, that really doesn’t do anything. For you captive agents, you still need your captive company site, for people to log into for policy information, but it is imperative to have a personalized site that you can build up a list of customers & prospects to share your insurance information, give things away and market long term. The tip is to make sure your personalize site has a Get a Quote Form and an Opt-In form to collect emails, by giving away a free report or free tip.

2. Get Your Site and Agency all over the Internet. Social Media, Web2.0, Facebook, Video Marketing and Article Marketing will get your agency viral all over the internet, especially in your local market. It’s easy to do. You just need a little help and video instruction on how to implement it. Facebook and YouTube are great ways to market your agency and products quickly and free. Facebook Business is a way to distribute your messages and information to a group of people that actually trust you and like the things you do. Those people will actually help pass on your agency pages on to all their contacts and friends in your local area. It is very easy to build large list with people that are interested in you and your agency. Those type of people are the prospects to sell insurance to. Facebook makes it easy to market to those customers and prospects every week with very little effort. If you can learn about the strategies and methods to set up a Facebook Business landing page, you will be leaps and bounds over almost every other agent out there.

Whoever is searching online for Life Insurance, you will be there.

Don’t be afraid of the technology and the internet. Technology and the internet is the best way to become successful at life insurance selling.

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