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How to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

There are a number of ways that you can attract traffic to your blog. One of the fastest ways is link exchanging or for blogging it is sometimes called friending. This means that basically you link your blog as being friends with other related blogs. Joining communities with like interests is also a great way to attract readers to your blog. Most of the time if they like what you have to say on a particular topic they are willing to head over and see what you have to say on other topics.

This is just one way there are plenty of others such as posting videos on your blog. Funny clips or political clips especially if they are being hosted by larger video sites can provide you with an excellent source of traffic. Friends and family can also be a primary source of traffic. While this is primarily true of personal blogs you can easily create business blogs that are also word of mouth based.

Social networking is a great way to bring traffic to your blog. You start of with a small friends list, this list is expanded by the friends your friends have on their list and so forth. You could easily gain traffic from these lists and thanks to Web 2.0 technology you can post to several social networking sites all at the same time.

If you have a website that already generates traffic make use of the traffic that is already on your site. Simply post the links and menu option to your blog and put excerpts on your website. This is especially useful in business applications where you can simply put a link to the blog post detailing updates to your business and future plans.

These are the biggest ways that you are going to be able to drive traffic to your website. There are other ways such as used email marketing and press releases and other forms of article directory submissions. Basically you use your blog as the link in for the articles. This is again, usually done for business purposes since driving this type of traffic is strictly for the purpose of increasing income.

For the most part if you are blogging for fun you are not really going to be worrying about how many people view your blog. You are going to want to however keep people interested in reading which means you are going to need to come up with topics that are going to have people returning to your blog. This is the second portion of generating traffic and that is the process of keeping the traffic you have already generated returning to your site.

In order to do this your content must be interesting, up to date and written in a manner that is going to make people want to come back and read what you have to say. This is the most important aspect to not only generating but maintaining website traffic on your site.

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