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Horse Racing Systems – Use Your Common Sense

Horse racing systems come in many shapes, sizes and prices. The very best can help you turn your horse race betting into a profitable pastime. The worst can be a bottomless pit in which you throw money into. The trouble is how can you tell the difference?

By the very nature of racing systems the promoters are very loath to give very much information about their system before you buy. This can lead to you buying a system which is totally unsuitable for you. For instance some systems may require you to put the bet on just before the start of the race. This could be totally unsuitable if because of your work you are away from the bookmakers or your computer when racing is normally taking place. If you are in any doubt email the seller and ask them if with their system the bets can be placed before racing or whatever other query you my have. If you do not get a reasonable reply that will give you an indication of how good the system is likely to be.

If anyone tells you that you need no knowledge of racing or it is easy to make large amounts of money in 5 minutes using their system. Do not believe it. You can be pretty sure it will turn out to be a load of old rubbish. If it was that easy why is it the bookies are driving around in Rolls Royces and not the punters? You should avoid any system that uses this type of hype to attract buyers.

A good system will have been tested for months if not years before it is offered to the general public. When I talk about testing I do not mean some of these fancy unsubstantiated back tested results that you see in some sales letters. These days there are plenty of sites such as racing-index that will independently proof results. Always look for some evidence of independent proofing before buying any horse racing system.

You should also look for some type of guarantee but do beware. Whilst many system sellers offer guarantees there have been countless cases of these not being honored. A good test is to first check that there are full contact details with an address and phone number. Then go to one of the search engines and type in the sellers name and see what this brings up. Often if they have a history of not honoring guarantees there will be plenty of comments about them on the racing forums.

With any racing system, unless you have deal with the seller before there will always be an element of buying a "pig in a poke" However, if you use your common sense you should be able to avoid some of the more obvious pit falls and Not waste your money on horse racing systems that can never work. Always remember the old adage, "if it looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is".

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