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Home Businesses So Much Software and So Little Money

Working from home being your own boss sounds great doesn’t it?

In fact more and more people are trying their hand at making either a full time or part time income from the Internet. If you have or are considering taking the virtual entrepreneurial road you soon realize that making money online isn’t as easy as many of the Internet Marketing sales pages would lead you to believe and this is where the trouble begins.

I call this the cat and fishbowl syndrome, here’s why…

Many people that are trying to make an online business work, windup feeling like a frustrated cat that sits staring at a delicious looking fish inside a fishbowl but can’t figure out how to get to it. They know that the fish (profits) exists because they can see them, but for one reason or another there is a barrier between them and what they desire.

The forbidden fruit…The Latest Must Have Marketing Tool!

Rather than taking the time to figure out a way around our marketing obstacles our attention is drawn to a message in our in box about an amazing new tool that makes fish jump out of their bowls, fillet and broil themselves and then land on a plate with a side of brown rice.

The sales page is full of testimonials from other hungry cats just like you. Hey if it worked for them it should work for you right? Oh yeah you better hurry this is a very limited offer!

So you shell out the $97.00 bucks and although you still haven’t had any fish jump out of their bowls yet, luckily you just got another email about and even better product that only the fattest cats know about.

This product is so top secret that the owner doesn’t know how long he will be able to sell it before the fat cats make him pull the offer, so better act now! This tool lets cats’ breath underwater! You see this is the closely guarded secret for catching the most fish that the fat cats don’t want you to know about!

Wow! I mean I better buy this I don’t want to miss this limited opportunity and regret it later do I? What’s $297.00, I’m investing in my business after all.

And so it goes. One better mouse trap (or fish trap) after another, with the money flowing in the wrong direction, away from our bank accounts.

My little example sounds silly and the desperate cat’s actions look a bit ridiculous, but you know what they say “Desperate Cats Do Desperate Things.”

Here a re a few tips to help catch more fish for less…

1). Before you buy another tool take the time to fully utilize the software you already own. More that once I have purchased a new piece of software that essentially does the same thing that one I already own does.

2). Money is made by providing solutions or information that people are looking for. Commonsense research in a market will provide you with these answers, tools required; time and effort.

3). Don’t be an inventor be an improver or an innovator. Did McDonalds invent the hamburger? Did Ben & Gerry invent ice cream? Obviously the answer is no, but they sure found a way to exploit an already proven to be profitable market.

4). Forget about shortcuts. Online businesses have an advantage of being able to automate many repetitive tasks like newsletters, article and site submission, tracking etc. as well as outsourcing work for reasonable prices, but first concentrate on developing your business and marketing strategies.

You know, ready aim shoot and not ready shoot aim. Online businesses work when their parts are setup in the proper order.

In conclusion, marketing tools and software are essential for maximizing the time you have available for running your online businesses. Just keep in mind that they are not a shortcut answer to making money. Money is still made by creative thinking, focus and taking action.

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