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Today's consumers are internet-savvy. Many prefer to do their business on-line, rather than the telephone, especially in the early stages of shopping, when they want to compare prices of website products and get more information. An increasing percentage of shoppers prefer to do all or most of their shopping business on-line, avoiding stores when they can.

Thus, a lack of web presence and website products can seriously damage a new business's prospects, cutting out a significant proportion of potential customer base. Additionally, the web offers the small business owner the best opportunity to compete head to head with larger corporations. A well-designed, professional website instills trust in the company. A website also allows the business owner to handle more customers with fewer employees by automating a significant portion of the ordering process.

The content for your website depends on your type of business. If you offer a service, the website should present your portfolio. A portfolio should highlight the very best of your work. If you offer to sell website products, photos of those products should be available. In either case, photo quality should be high, and images clear. A well-crafted website tells a story, much like any other form of advertisement. It should present your company's product or service, give some information about your company, and tell the customer how to go about ordering your product. Websites that are not logically laid out, or are difficult to navigate, lose customers quickly.

Remember that your website is your first, and in some cases your only contact with your customer. Therefore, it should be welcoming and friendly, especially when it is a home business on-line … just as you expect your employees to be. Colors, font, and spacing all play a role in determining the "feel" of the site. Take your time in designing the site, and be sure that you are clear on the message you want to send. Your website must include contact information for the company. Your company email address and phone number are essential, and a physical mailing address is highly recommended. Putting your personal information out into cyberspace is never a good idea, so it is best to obtain a PO Box or other outside mailing address.

Other information is often included on a website, depending on your company's line of business. References or testimonials should be included, if available. A description of your experience is especially important when offering a service. Coupons or promotional offers for website products may also be listed. Any affiliations or professional memberships should be listed, as should any certificates you may hold.

You may generally design your website using pre-designed templates from your website hosting company. The layouts are basic, but are adequate for most small businesses and home business on-line. If you have a working knowledge of Java, Flash, HTML, etc, you can design your own site from scratch. This will also allow you to add enhanced functionality. An expensive option, but worthwhile for those with little computer knowledge, is hiring a professional designer.

To be competitive in today's world, a business is expected to have a website. The site can be large with advanced functionality, or small with only a bit of information and photos. Options are available that will suit your taste and budget.

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