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High On The Mountain – From 4,220 Feet

Finding a fossilized seashell in the garden by my cabin here among the Cuyamaca Mountains in Southern California reminds me of our multi-layered history. Millions of years ago as the earth cooled, Pangaea broke apart and shifted many directions before settling into the modern-day continents that we’ve named and re-named as various tribes have ruled.

Everything is in layers that are far beyond 3-D. It often takes a lifetime of study and meditation to begin to conceptualize it. My genetic base is the same as the fossilized seashell that I found yesterday. A piece of the past in perfect condition sits on my keyboard as I type.

There are different kinds of energy-gravitational, vibrational and magnetic-that must be understood to realize we came down in density to be here. Our vibration lowered until we essentially “showed up” on the radar of humanity. Our senses developed and lowered in depth until they began to move us to action.

Today, they’ve been so dulled that it is hard to reach so many in the one way the universe can communicate to us-through our senses. Some have felt the message and are moving on it. Many have received messages-clear, uncut, in terms anyone can understand.

‘This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine… ‘ Inside each of us is a tiny fragment of light that is so minute that it takes 7 billion of them to appear in the universe. But now that we’ve all shown up, the time has come to move forward.

We will take a small step forward as a species when we unite with a one-world theme so loud it will reach the ends of the earth. No man in a cave or tribe will miss this message. It will be unique to this universe and so much more will now be understood.

It is simply and universal that Christ was, in fact, the Son of God. He was personified perfection and we killed Him. We couldn’t accept His goodness then, and some of us still can’t. He walked this world for roughly 33 years in such perfect goodness that His healings became legendary.

But that wasn’t enough. So He taught. But that wasn’t enough. So He died on the cross and bled as our sacrificial Lamb so that our sins would be recognized and forgiven. Simple as that. Enough.

His Being and His energy left a gap so large and made a mark so deep, it stopped mankind in its tracks and re-set the clock of time. BC/AD points to the place where HE WAS. HE LIVED. HE LED. AND HE DIED publicly, openly for all to see!

Then He walked among us in the same manner. No one walked away with questions, even Doubting Thomas who had to put his hands into the wounds of Christ before he believed.

He ascended to the heavens to sit at the right hand of God where He has been ever since watching mankind evolve as a species. And He always has. And He always will. Children remember Him for a while but then forget as senses first sharpen, then dull.

The pieces of the puzzle are now rapidly falling into place for some of us and preparations which began years ago are now coming to fruition. The fruit is on the tree and the first shades of red are moving into each peach, tomatoes are seeing red bursts in their skins and the depth is going into each orange, carrot and plum.

As the circle continues and starts to meet itself, come together the Alpha and Omega to create a reunion. The elevator door has landed and the doors just held to open. The oven is open and the aroma is on its way to be perceived. Clear the senses and be ready. Take it in on every level as it will uplift you.

These are my thoughts as I look at a fragment of a seashell from millions of years ago-before man, before religion, before these mountains were born. This little sea creature was right where I am just living its simple life in a seashell.

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