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Google Money Profits – Is it Legit?

Google Money Profits is a pre-packaged program that provides the basic knowledge of how promote various products and advertising campaigns, online. Basically, the program uses AdSense and AdWords as advertisements to place on websites that are built by the product user. The system also provides users with the knowledge to build multiple websites at once that are made visible on many different locations online such as forums, social marketing, social bookmarking sites and other areas where interested buyers are pre to cultivate. To get a understanding understanding of how Google Money Profits works, here are basic pros and cons associated with the system.


  1. Work time is flexible. The user decides their schedule.
  2. Free trial being offered.
  3. Working from home means no office politics or work related stressors.


  1. The process can become tedious and draining after a few months.
  2. The success of the program depends upon how many niche websites the product user can create.
  3. A person who is used to working in a corporate environment may feel secluded after working at home a while with no outside, personal contact.

Common Questions

Is there anything else that needs to be understood about how the system works? The program provides information for how to create and promote the websites

Where will these websites be promoted? Google Money Profits basically shows the client how to promote websites using all Google applications and search engine. However, after the client becomes comfortable with the techniques described in the system, they can easily start to promote their sites on other search engines such as Yahoo or MSN for added exposure.

How much is the system? There is presently a free trial available.

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