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Get a Used Aluminum Fishing Boat – For Free

I have explained elsewhere why I think aluminum is the only way to go when buying a fishing boat. There are a stack of reasons why aluminum fishing boats make the best boats.

However I’m sure you’ve found, if you’ve been doing some homework, that new aluminum boats aren’t cheap. For all the reasons I’ve explained about why aluminum boats make the best boats, aluminum fishing boats are extremely popular, and supply and demand being what it is, this make aluminum boats very expensive when buying brand new.

However there are some very good reasons for buying a used aluminum fishing boat, and if you do it right you can even get your fishing boat for free once you’ve sold it. Allow me to explain.

Buying a used fishing boat is way cheaper than buying a new boat. Like everything, when you buy new you pay a premium for that. When you buy a new car you lose a stack of money the day you drive it out of the showroom, and you’d probably be unable to sell it for what you paid for it, even if it’s got no miles on it.

It’s exactly the same with fishing boats. When you buy a new boat you’ll immediately lose quite a bit of money. So you can guarantee that when you come to sell it some years along, probably because you want a bigger one, you’re sure to lose some money.

HoWever if you buy a used aluminum fishing boat the chances are pretty good that it will cost you little or nothing once you’ve sold it. I use my own experience as an example. I bought a second hand 12 foot used aluminum fishing boat 2 years ago. I’ve used it for quite a few fishing trips over that time, and have 2 kids, so as they grow I am beginning to think about buying a bigger boat.

I recently started looking at prices for used aluminum boats and am quite convinced that my boat is worth as much, if not a fraction more than what I paid for it 2 years ago. So when I sell it, assuming I get what I paid for it, I have paid nothing for 2 years use of my fishing boat. That wouldn’t have ever happened if I bought my boat brand new. So in effect I’ve had my fishing boat for 2 years, for free.

This is because aluminum boats are pretty bomb proof, and last forever. So they retain their second hand value extremely well. A good aluminum boat will last long enough so that, if you keep it, you could probably will it to your kids. So they don’t deteriorate too much over time. This means that even an older boat is probably in good condition, and so will have good value.

Of course you need to take care of your boat, it you’ve banged it around and filled it with dents or scratched the paintwork a lot it won’t retain it’s value as well.

And of course you need to buy well, if you pay too much for your boat then you won’t get that back when you sell. But assuming that you buy a great used aluminum fishing boat at a fair price the chances are pretty good that it won’t cost you much, or anything, over the time you’ve got your boat, if you treat it well.

That’s how you buy a used aluminum fishing boat, for free.

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