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Freelancing For a Quick Buck Online

There are thousands of people just like you who are enjoying the benefits of working from home on a daily basis by "Free-lending." This "Slightly untapped market" is full of business and growing rapidly. It still remains the cheapest and easiest way for people to make money online though. Yes, it takes a little more work, but the end result is well worth the investment of time, money and workload.

Picture yourself getting up in the morning around 9am. You fix your coffee, head down the hall, fire up your pc / mac and you're "At Work"! This is the life so many people dream of having. You set your own hours, you do not answer to a "Boss" and you can take a day off whenever you want. This is the internet dream come true.

The life you've dreamed of is easier to reach now more than ever. There are companies who pay people by the thousands to write reports, write articles, do graphic design work, build websites and hundreds of other jobs. The jobs are plentiful because these companies are saving a ton of money to hire an outsider to do their work for them. Would not you love to know you can hire someone at a premium wage, they do not need trained, they'll work their butt off and they'll make your deadline?

Sounds too good to be true does not it? It is a very true reality. I've personally used freelancing as my primary income source before. I've made anywhere from $ 10K on a single job to $ 50K a year doing it and I love the work. If you've got a "Digital Skill" (something that can be done from a computer) and you're "Good Enough", you can pick up freelance work anytime you want.

It's really simple to do too. You go to a site that links "Providers" (people who do the work-for-hire) and the people who need the services of a provider, otherwise known as a "Buyer". You can sign up to be a provider in just a few simple clicks and you're ready to begin.

The first thing you want to do is post your profile. If you're going to be a writer, post stuff about your experience writing professionally. Mention anything that you've done for your job, friends, family, etc … Make it look and sound as though you're a professional and you'll look better to prospective clients. If you're a graphic designer or programmer, let your profile reflect these talents. Consider your profile "Freelance Resume". This is where potential buyers will get an idea about you and whether or not they want to work with you.

Once your profile is setup, go out and do a search for work. Fine tune your search so you're looking for work that's suitable for you and get ready to bid. When you're bidding, think about what you want to make on a project and keep a good eye on what the buyer has posted in their description. I've worked with buyers who have a very lean budget and sometimes they'll ask if I can lower my price a little. I always take that as a sign that they're leaving towards me if I work with them, so do not be offended if someone asks you to drop you price a few dollars.

Anyways, post a few bids and see what happens. If you get a nibble, do not drop the ball. Always remain professional and polite. If you place a bid for something and the buyer requests you to send them an example. Work on it like you would if you actually got the job already. This shows them you've got the desire to get the job. And they'll be more likely to choose you. Plus if you've done half the work already, you'll have less work to do in order to get paid.

Once you've won your first project, take a minute to take it all in. Do not freeze and forget about your client. Just take a few minutes to appreciate what you've accomplished. Once the work gets done and you get paid you can tell all your friends you made money online.

I've got friends who do freelance work as their full-time job that are raking in over a hundred grand a year! And some of them take more vacations than they should, if you know what I mean …

One of my favorite sites to send my students is They're relatively inexpensive and the work can be pretty steady. Do not expect to make money the minute you log on though. It can take a few days to get paid for your efforts. Although I've made money within minutes of posting a bid, it does not always materialize that quickly.

Go out there and give it a shot. I'm sure you'll have fun. Good luck!

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